5 Reasons Netflix is better than broadcast TV


Netflix (or, the Netflix streaming model) is rapidly becoming the primary way we watch TV. Here are some reasons why.

1. No commercials

Broadcast TV traditionally has has 44 minutes of content for 60 minutes of airtime. When you hit play on a show on Netflix, you get 60 minutes of straight content (maybe except for the occasional buffering). The only thing Netflix shows in the way of ads is the occasional promotional content for its own shows while browsing through the selection. Beyond omitting annoying commercials, there are some other benefits leading to...

2. No forced pauses to the drama

A show created for Netflix can tell its story without the need to write in a dramatic pause every seven or eight minutes as 'regular' shows are required to do so that commercials can be shown. This allows the writers to tell their story without this extra consideration. It can really help the audience stay in the fictional world as if they were watching a movie.

3. Binge Watching

A blessing an a curse, binging has become a normal way to burn through television seasons. There is no more waiting on a week-to-week cliffhanger to find out what's happens next. There is also an adverse effect. You lose the seven days to digest the episode, as well as any opportunity to discuss the show at the water cooler (or online equivalent).

4. On-demand watching

You can watch the show whenever it suits you. No need to remember to tune-in at the same bat time, same bat channel from week to week.

5. It's cheaper

A basic cable package cost $25 a month, and a Netflix subscription costs $8 a month (soon to be $10). Considering the above points, the thousands of TV shows and movies on Netflix provides much more value for your dollar than cable.