Watch the X-Files miniseries online

What to Watch

Update for X-Files season 11: Watch episodes for free the day after air on

The new X-Files miniseries (also known as Season 10) is a 6 episode collection of new X-Files episodes airing 14 years after the end of the original 9 season run. If you can't catch it live on CTV, you can watch the latest episodes for free on's streaming player.

Note: The videos on are only free for 7 days after the episode airs.  Afterwards, you will need to login as a cable subscriber.

Episode 1 - My Struggle

Episode 2 - Founder's Mutation

Episode 3 - Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster

Episode 4 - Home Again

Episode 5 - Babylon

Episode 6 - My Struggle II


If you want to catch up with the whole miniseries, you can download the episodes as they air from iTunes.